When emails are sent and received in Karbon, they are processed with a degree of sophistication to determine who can see that email, and which timelines, if any, the email should be shared on. Subsequent emails in that same conversation may or may not inherit the same determinations and splitting of emails can occur either automatically or enforced by the user.

We determine whether emails should be processed using our rules engine according to the domain they are received to. Having email addresses with the gmail.com domain for instance, negates some of the functionality that is included in your Karbon account.

If you have multiple domains that you receive emails to, it's important that you let your account manager or support (support@karbonhq.com) know that this is the case. Failing to do so could result in unexpected behavior and unanticipated outcomes such as people in your company seeing emails that they wouldn't normally have access to.

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