Estimated time and budget figures can be added to work items in Karbon. These figures should not be thought of as actual figures, purely estimates to help you plan and make better-informed decisions across your company.

Estimating time

Adding time estimates to work team members 

Time estimates are added to individual members of the work team, including the client owner, anyone assigned tasks, emails or notes relating to the work item, or anyone is manually added to the work team. 

Each staff member will only be listed here once, even if they are the client owner and assigned tasks in the work item.

Under Work team on the work item's Details tab, select Edit.

You will then be able to add a time estimate for any member of the work team.

As you add time against team members, your estimates will tallied up to provide a total estimate for the work item. You can then save your changes.

Editing time estimates to work team members

At any time, you can edit the estimated time that has been added against any work team member. This will instantly update the total estimated time. 

If you remove a team member with a time estimate, you will be have the option to add their time to another team member. This is to ensure that your total work estimate does not change.

If a work team member's tasks, emails or notes related to the work are reassigned to another colleague, they will remain part of the work team and any time estimated for them will remain.  If you want to move the time to another colleague too, you are required to do this manually. Once again, this is to ensure the total work estimate does not change.

Estimating budget

A budgeted value can also be applied to a work item to assist with planning. 

Adding value

Under Basics on the work item's Details tab, select Edit.

There, you can add a budgeted value, and save.

Adding time estimates and budgets to work templates

Time estimates and budgets can also be added to your work templates, using the same steps as if you were adding values to work items. 

You will only be able to add estimated time to colleagues or job roles who have been assigned tasks in the template.

When a work item is created from the template, the time and budget estimates will also be added to the work item.

Creating work from a template with job role placeholders

When you create a work item from a template, and assign all tasks for a particular job role placeholder to a colleague, that job role placeholder will be removed from the work team and be replaced by your colleague. The colleague will also inherit any time estimated for that job role placeholder.

If you decide not to assign the placeholder roles to a team member, the job role will be put on the work team, along with any time estimated for it. 

Later, if you reassign just one of several of the placeholder's task to a team member, that team member will be added to the work team, but the placeholder will also remain on the team along with all of the time estimate for it. 

Finally, if you reassign the last of the placeholder's tasks to a team member, that team member will be added to the work team and inherit the placeholder's time. The placeholder will be removed from the work team entirely.

Using time estimates and budgets in your planning

The total estimated time and budgeted value will appear in the Basics section of the work item's Details tab.

You can also view this information in your Work view—both on the Kanban board, and in List mode

Total values of all work items represented in your current view are displayed at the top.

When viewing in Kanban mode, you will also have the option to Show Details. This will display total values of all the work items represented in each Kanban column. Any changes you make to work items (for example, moving one work item to another column), will update the totals without you needing to refresh your screen.

The budget and estimated time for each work item will also be displayed on each Kanban work card, or in columns when viewing in list mode.

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