Client tasks are copied to future work items in a recurring schedule, just like your internal tasks.

There are a few important things to consider when setting up client tasks on a repeating work schedule:

  • The client tasks will carry over to future work like internal tasks.
  • If you send the client tasks manually (you do not select a date to automatically send the tasks), then you will have to send the client tasks manually for all work in the schedule.
  • If you schedule the client tasks to send on a specific date, Karbon will send client tasks on future scheduled work items on a date that is relative to that chosen date

Just like your internal tasks, comments will not carry over to future work.

If the start date of a monthly work item is April 1, and you schedule the client tasks to be sent on April 2, Karbon will use that information and schedule to send the client tasks one day after the start date of the next work item (May 2).

If you plan on altering the task items and descriptions in subsequent work items,  it is best practice to send your client tasks manually, so that you have the ability to edit them before sending.

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