There are some important rules you should pay attention to.

  1. All tasks have that are apart of a scheduled piece of work will have a set task creation date that was initially set at the creation of the work schedule. That will create the tasks so many days before the work’s planned start date (unless customized - see further reading items below), and will be copied directly from the piece of work scheduled to start immediately before it.

  2. Once this happens the new Tasks will be ‘divorced’ from the Task list it was copied from. This means it won’t be updated if any changes are made to the Tasks in pieces of work that are scheduled earlier.

  3. If you manually change the work’s status to ‘In progress’, or if you click on the Task tab > Create tasks. The ‘divorce’ of the Task list will happen sooner than the set task creation dates and the piece of work’s Tasks and to-do items will be created.

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