You can easily remove someone from your Karbon account, but there are a several steps you should take to ensure any emails, tasks and work items for that team member do not go unattended. 

  1. First, you should redirect the employee's email to someone else. Here are some details on how to do it in Gmail and Outlook.

  2. Clear the employee's triage.

  3. Then, go ahead and remove the person from your Karbon account. When you do so, if they have work assigned to them, Karbon will ask you if you want to reassign it to someone else, so you can bulk assign all the person’s work to someone else. (unassigned items in their triage, such as emails and comments, will not be reassigned by this process)

If there are multiple people who will take ownership of his or her outstanding items, you can create a temporary user with a dummy email address (you won't be charged for this user provided the invitation is not accepted), then re-assign the tasks to the temporary user when you archive the colleague.

Notes on assignees for repeating work schedules:

  1. If a work item on the schedule exists and is not in a Completed status, it will be bulk reassigned along with the other items mentioned above. The new assignee will then automatically carry forward on future instances of work on the schedule.

  2. If no work items on the schedule are currently active (for example, an annual repeating tax return where the current year's work is complete and the next year's has not been created yet), then when the next work item in the schedule is created it will be assigned to the Colleague designated in the bulk reassignment described above. Keep in mind that if you are using a dummy temporary user to split the reassigned work across multiple people, new work from the schedule could be created for that dummy user in the future.

Learn more about archiving a colleague.

Important notes:

  • Changing a user's password in the email provided won't immediately eliminate access to Karbon, as the user will still be authenticated. In order to eliminate access, the user must be archived in Karbon. 

  • When you remove the user from Karbon, ALL emails that have been added to timelines will remain. We recommend however assigning out all emails currently in their Triage prior to archiving them to ensure no communications are missed.

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