You can edit an organization's contact details and other data from the Details tab of that organization.


Name is the name of the organization.

allows you to add any miscellaneous notes or details that don't fit anywhere else.

Contact Category
outlines whether your contact is an organization or a person. You are unable to edit this once the contact is created.

Contact Type defines the contact type you have assigned that contact to. You can leave this blank if you want, or you can edit it.

Client Identifier can be used to store a client code or similar.

Client Groups can be used to link with other contacts that are related by ownership or financial structure.

Contact details

These are the general details of the company, including phone number, physical address, social media handles, and a map showing their location. If you add the company's website, Karbon will find and bring in all related social details.

Accounting details

In this area, you can add and edit:

  • Basics such as legal name, incorporation date, country.
  • Tax details such as fiscal year, tax ID, sales tax details, etc.
  • Systems such as what is used to manage cash, accounting, payroll, expenses and others. Sections include bank, bill pay, revenue, payroll, benefits and expenses.
  • Ownership includes a list of all owners of the organization.
  • Officers details the management of the company.

Client Team

This area lets you specify which colleagues work with this client. You can add colleagues or full teams to the client team

You can add team members by clicking edit client team, or leave this blank if you prefer.

Other contacts involved

This will automatically list any people contacts who have been associated with the organization.

Connected Applications

Clicking on Manage Connections > Connect allows you to bring in all your existing accounting details for that client from Quickbooks online. 

Important note:  
Synching with QBO may override any data currently stored in Accounting details.

Fields that have one slot (year end, business number, etc) will be overridden.
But field such as phones & address that allow multiple entries, will add a second entry, and retain the original entry.


You are able to adjust the privacy settings of the Organization, which means that only members of the client team will have access. 

Recent documents

Any documents related to the Organization can be uploaded, stored and managed.

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