On every piece of work there is an option to setup a schedule. This will schedule the work to repeat itself until either a date you define, or no end date. To generate this, from the options menu "..." select Edit schedule.

Anatomy of the work scheduler

Choosing how often the work will repeat by

First you need to select how often the work will repeat. You start by selecting your preferred time period, and then the end period (this can be a selected date, or forever)

Due date

Select when the work will be due: on the day of the month, days after the work start date, the day of the following month…

Work title

Finally, you have the option to append the title with a timeframe (for example "Monthly Payroll Month, Year"). If you perform work for the previous month, you can use this option. 

For example, you may complete month-end during the 1-14 April period, but it’s for March. So you may want to create all your repeating month-end you may choose to append the title with “Previous Period”, so it gets created with title “Month-end March”

The alternative is the current period, which would create the work title as “Month End April”.

The title of the scheduled work is dependent on 3 things:

  1. The start date
  2. The recurrence and
  3. the period (current vs. previous)

Example 1: Previous Period

Name of work = Monthly Work
Start Date = 5/1/YY
Period = Previous Period

Title will be "Monthly Work Apr YYYY"

Example 2: Current Period

Name of work = Annual Work
Start Date = 5/1/18
Period = Current Period

Title will be "Annual Work 2018"

Or you can choose not append anything and just have Month end.

Tasks on scheduled work

When next work item in the schedule is due to begin in 14 days, the tasks from the preceding work item will flow through to the future work item. 

However, if you or a team member goes to any future work item and click on the task list, Karbon will assume you are ready to start the work. In this case, the future work item will adopt the checklist from the previous work item. The same holds true if the planned work has its status updated to "In progress".

If you make changes to the tasks in a work item that you don't want to keep, you can revert tasks back to the work item immediately before it by choosing the reset tasks option.

How far into the future does the scheduler create work?

The scheduler will always create work three months in advance of its start date.  If the next work item is due to start beyond three months (eg. annual work), then the next piece of work will always be created.

Important note about quarterly work

Setting a work item to repeat quarterly will set it to repeat based on the standard calendar quarter. If however, you want your work item to repeat quarterly based on other dates, choose "Custom", then set the work item to repeat every three months.

Important note about (US) semi-monthly work

For the first work item you create, the start date has to be the 1st of the month and the due date has to be the 15th of the month. Set the work item to repeat semi-monthly and the titles will be as you desire.

If you would like to update the due date for the schedule, just go to the options menu "..." and select Edit schedule and update the due date. 

Please keep in mind: While we create 3 months worth of work, we limit the number to a maximum of 15 future work items.

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