When you create a client task section and set the sending rules, your emails will include text outlining basic instructions for your client. You have the option to choose who the email will be sent from and what content is included in the body and subject of the email.

Choose who your client task emails come from

When you choose to send your tasks, you will be able to select who your task and reminder emails will be sent from—work assignee, client owner or another colleague. If you select client owner and there is not one, the sender will default back to work assignee.

If the person you select has an email signature set up in Karbon, the signature will be added to all client task emails.

Email body and subject

You have the option to edit the email when you are choosing to send your client tasks.

You will be able to customize the email body and email subject text for every client task you send. You will have the option to edit both the initial client task email, and your task reminder emails.

Email placeholder tokens

Placeholder tokens are used to insert correct names and numbers into the client task and reminder emails. They are included by default in your client task emails—you'll see these when you choose to edit an email for the first time.

Read more here about placeholders available for you to use.

Repeating work

Just like all tasks for repeating work, we copy client tasks to the work item ahead of it. So, if you update the client task email then it will be copied across to the next one in the series.

Keep in Mind there is a character limit of 4,000 for the body of a client task email.

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