When you edit a client task email or reminder email, you can add placeholders for the work name, client name, contact name or salutation.

In the default email shown below, the placeholders can be moved around or removed altogether. If you do remove the placeholders, you can use them again by copying from the text below the email.

By default, your client task emails will be addressed to the contact's preferred name. If your contact does not have a preferred name specified, the contact's full name will be used.

If the above email was sent out, this is what the email would look like to your client:

Available placeholders

<%work_name> will update to the name of the work item

<%client_name> will update to the name of the client the work is for

<%preferred_name> will update to the preferred name of the client the tasks are for. If the contact has no preferred name specified, the full name will be used instead.

<%contact_name> will update to the name of the contact the tasks are being sent to

<%reminder_number> will update to the reminder number. This is the number of reminders that have been sent to the client for these tasks.

<%salutation> can be updated within the Basics area of the Details tab for a person contact

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