If you make changes to a Work Template, you can update Work that has been created from that Template so that it reflects those changes. You can do this by clicking on the options menu for the work and selecting reset tasks.  

You will have the option to revert the tasks back to that template or choose for the tasks to revert back to the previous work item in that schedule.

A few things to consider before doing this:

  • Clicking this option will replace all Tasks on the piece of work with those from the Template

  • The reset button only shows up once the Tasks on a piece of work have been created. If you don't see the button, simply click on the Task tab and then back to Details tab.

  • If the Tasks in the Template tasks are assigned to Job Role placeholders, you will be required to assign these to individual staff members

  • If the Work item is part of a schedule, the changes will be carried over to all future Work, unless the next piece of work tasks have already been created, or if you or someone else from your team have already opened the Tasks tab in any future pieces of Work. In this case, you'll need to reset the next scheduled piece of work to the Template as well.

  • If Client Tasks have already been sent in the piece of work, they'll be removed and you'll need to send the new Client Tasks to your client once you revert to Template.

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