The easiest way to add a new contact is from the global add icon, located in the top-right of your app.

You will then be prompted to add either a person, organization, or client group.

Creating a person

When you enter the full name of your new contact, Karbon will search for similar people in your account, to help you avoid creating duplicates. If no relevant names appear, select create new person

You will then be able to add the person's email and contact type and, if it's a practice contact, select to make your communication with this contact public to everyone in your practice.

You can also add a person directly from an email.

Creating an organization

Enter the name of the company, its website and Contact type. Click create.

Creating a client group

Choose a name for you client group, and a contact type if you'd like. 

Add new contacts from your email clients

On the Contacts page, you have an option to Import from Gmail/Office 365 (depending on your email client). 

This option will show you a list of email addresses you have sent emails to, or received emails from, in the past. You can then choose which email addresses you would like to add as a contact.

Importing client data

If you have a large amount of contact data you would like added to your Karbon account, we can help you import this. To get this process started, you will need to export your data from your old system and supply to us. Learn more here.

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